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Are you looking for a divorce lawyer in Minnesota? Or maybe have an MN child support or child custody issue you would like to resolve? Any time you face a legal issue, it can be stressful and confusing. This is especially true when it involves your family. Minnesota Divorce Lawyers and Minnesota Family Law Attorneys Amanda J. Maenner and Kerry A. Minnich at Maenner Minnich PLLC understand this. Our job is to provide strong, caring representation to you. We are there to support you through the legal process, to effectively represent you in mediation or in court, and to make sure you know your options. You ultimately know what is best for your family. We help you achieve your goals through the legal system.

"Amanda was very helpful and I have recommended Amanda to many coworkers and would recommend her to a close friend or family member. She is very empathetic and understands family can tell she took her education seriously and knows her stuff. She and the staff at Maenner Minnich are super willing to help you get what you need done...on TIME TOO! (help with affidavits, legal terminology, emotional support etc) My case is a custody case, which Amanda knows a lot about. You can be confident in court that someone who is trustworthy and knowledgeable will have your back."

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