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In a divorce proceeding, emotional issues often conflict with custody, support, and property issues. Ms. Maenner and Ms. Minnich understand the conflicting issues involved in a family breakup. In your divorce they will protect your legal and financial interests, while at the same time being sensitive and helping you with your emotional issues.


Any time you are going through a divorce with children, or when you have children outside of marriage and are establishing custody for the first time, there are two kinds of custody that the Court will determine: legal custody and physical custody.  Legal custody is the right to participate in the big decisions for your child.  This is generally in the areas of education, religion and medical.  Legal custody generally will be shared by the parents absent certain circumstances.

Child Support

Whether you are contemplating separating your family or a change in employment is necessitating a review of your support obligations, child support is a key issue in many family law cases. The reason is simple: the desire to create a custody and parenting time arrangement that meets your child’s best interest is naturally followed up by a concern with the best way to ensure you have the financial resources to meet their needs.

Spousal Maintenance

Minnesota law provides spouses with the ability or obligation to receive or to pay spousal maintenance to the divorced spouse after the dissolution of a marriage. The need for spousal maintenance is based upon a number of circumstances including the income earned by both parties during the marriage and the spending decisions the spouses made.

"I was trying to find a lawyer for my sister in law. I reviewed many lawyers and they all pretty much said the same! Until I found Amanda! Her reviews were outstanding and even from opposing counsel' I knew I had to call her! Just like the reviews no nonsense approach very professional and her demeanor is always the same, both in court over the phone and in person. A true professional! I would recommend her to any of my colleagues without hesitation!"

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