Are you thinking of modifying your parenting time or has someone made the request to modify your current schedule? The 2014 Legislative session provided a significant change to the manner in which Courts must analyze requests to modify parenting time schedules as children age and mature.

In August 2014 the Minnesota Legislature removed one of the hurdles facing parents seeking to increase parenting time with their children.  Prior to the law change, in many cases the Court was required to find that children were endangered by the current parenting time schedule before increasing time for a requesting parent. This change, along with additional changes in the law, were prompted by recognition that as children age and develop different parenting time schedules may be in their best interest. Now, parents with slightly less than an equal schedule or parents that simply want to increase their parenting time with their children, can focus their schedule requests more closely on what is in the child’s best interest as opposed to analyze the impact their requests will have on the other parent’s time. 

At Maenner Minnich we understand that nothing is more important than the time you spend with your children. If you believe these changes could have an impact on your existing parenting time schedule or if someone has requested a modification based upon this change in the law, please contact us. We would be happy to share our knowledge and expertise of this changing area of law.