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There are many resources available to the public that can assist you in making more informed decisions at the beginning or during your family law matter.

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Parenting Time Issues Surrounding School

As a parent, Labor Day weekend signals the end of the summer and a transition back to regular schedules for children in school.  Separated parents of children face new dilemmas from the more relaxed days of summer.  The top dilemmas we frequently see in our office...

Children’s Costs: Who is Responsible for What?

Following a divorce or custody determination, child support is calculated by the court.  In most cases, the parties will follow the guidelines child support, a formula that takes into account both parents’ gross monthly incomes, if they have other children in the...

Minnesota Statutes:

The Minnesota Legislature published every statute in Minnesota. These statutes dictate to family law judges and attorneys the legal process and the factors the court will consider in resolving disputes.  Relevant to family law matters are section 518 (divorce, custody, and parenting time matters), 518A (child support), and domestic abuse (518B).

For parents who have never been married, Minnesota Statues section 257 provides information about custody and parenting time for children.

There are times when family members or even concerned friends believe they need to step in and care for children. This can be done on a short term or permanent basis. These requests, generally referred to as third party custody requests are also covered under the family law statutes. The third party custody statutes is Minnesota Statutes section 257C.

Other Resources:

Child support in Minnesota is calculated based upon each parent’s income and the amount of parenting time each parent has. Whether you are at the beginning of a family law matter or looking to modify a prior child support obligation, the Minnesota Child Support Calculation can provide you some guidance.

Family law court records are public records. Family law court records can be searched by the names of each party or by the name of either party’s attorney.

The State of Minnesota and its Department of Economic Development will electronically collect child support and spousal maintenance payments and electronically deposit them into the checking account of your choosing. This automatic income withholding service is available to any recipients of child support or spousal maintenance in Minnesota. This same service can be used to collect unreimbursed medical expenses for existing support orders. Requesting assistance in collecting child support or maintenance payments begins with submitting an application.

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News & Resources

There are many resources available to the public that can assist you in making more informed decisions at the beginning or during your family law matter.

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